Wednesday, 8 March 2017

WORD PLAY ,VOLUME 1 Dedicated to statistics class 16, BY Awogbemila temitope,A and Alle adeola

I knew you once had a secret crush
You loved him/her so dearly
Reasonably, you have to be sharp about it, but, he/she shouldn’t know too early
Be very ready to walk away
All by yourself, your feelings should be prepared to get aflush
Else, your heart would end up with a brutal crush
And with him/her you would never get a lunch

I know you love him/her with all sincerity
Not only because of her beauty and rarity
In order for your love for her to become a reality
You simply have to apply wisdom
Else , your life might be saturated with boredom
Trail gently, give her the needed freedom
With the right qualities, you can get her into your kingdom
Hey !This is the guy/girl you seldom pick at random
This guy/lady is classy and unique
Not all because of his/her physique
Entitled to the best from any boutique
Every movement she makes carried much mystique
Smiles, you might fail to get him/her even with your best technique

Your affinity for her shouldn’t be like a ritual
Your love shouldn’t be based only on the visual
The love should be shared;I mean it must be mutual
Hmm, if it is devoided of mutualism
In your pocket you keep your pride
You know the quality embedded in you, the abilities by your side
Eventually, she might not be as classy as your bride
Off him/her, please get your mind
But remember, that doesn’t make him/her unkind
Love isn’t based on pity
Well the sages said it is only based on pity in the primitive city

According to a field of study called statistics
Things in life are can be probabilistic
sometimes they are deterministic
They might as well be stochastic
His/Her choice to reject you might be fantastic
If He/she is a poor decision maker, then, it might be animalistic
Respect her opinion, she’s just being realistic

Poetry had always been equivalent to this face you often see
With untamed intricacy, like the coral reefs of the Mediterranean sea
This is just like a drop from a bucket of tea
Oh! You felt like I would call it a cup of tea
No please, because in that “cup of tea” there is a flea
And here is my humble plea
In the hive of humans, you are not similar to a random undistinguished bee
Bring out the best in you, your talent might get you your ultimate glee
But, what was that “flea”???

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