Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Saw your spear clung to another, and for a change in state,
Writhing a known to the crocks in the Nile,
 a komodo killer in Komodo Island,
That that frowned as a wall,
 and the fanged horizontal tall in the meadow
-          Pumping out the kiss perfectly
      hiding beneath a kissing death.
Lazed your gaze up there when my
 mammy rained me – your presence,
But I never knew why your spare’s
 awful dace became a droller,
I never knew why the antigen that
 slept in your muscle failed the test of hurt,
Maybe you are the sight of the flat, 
fatty mirage seen in eye until
The eye saw the way it was seen.

I really began to change my view you 
when my brother, Joined the boys
 that pointed their willies at the azure clouds,
While each willy competed for the parabola
With the best peak of raining urine .
You saw the frown of my father when
 I smiled at his new walking-paper,
At the black sterns that was sprinkled to
 make that speckled ocean of evening,
Drank the walls of the tidal waves, 
and lidded the sight of mouth.

You ate the dragon that made
 Africa the Hades of the white
To the joy of my foremothers.
Here is my plea, tell me how 
you got your kids,
My eye never saw you egg, but I saw 
your children whup baby
Cockroaches to the hell of their
 transparent stomach.
And that spare of your tail to 
stop the dance of anguish
When it departed from you,
You and your spare were once
 a wand, from the walls,
That swirled around my eye.

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