Wednesday, 8 March 2017


“You can’t capture the sunrise”
“You can’t stop the rain
“You can’t subdue survival”
”You can’t always negotiate terms”
“You can’t know the permanent mystery”

“You can’t gather the mountains”
“You can’t shift our continent”
“You can’t filter the oceans”
“You can’t always make right choices”
“You can’t be used to the bizarre”
“You can’t be an expert in ALL”
Can you please everyone?
Can you easily be annoyed?
Are there important choices?
Is there anything called mystery?
Are there mysterious understanding?
Can everyone be your friend?
Then, can anyone be called a FOE?
Are you silent about your worries?
Are sincere expressions always true?
Or are hypocritical wordings always false?
Do you love yourself more than all others?
Then, is anyone absolutely SELFLESS?

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