Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Dawn after twilight, the years stealth us up to this present time
We wanted to fly and catch up with our dreams
Moving and changing the distance between our want and the horizon
We flew, with the “wings of the dawn”
We ran, with the legs of the twilight
Both during the day and the midnight
Giving the shadows there length while we run
While we run in the sun
With the speed of the tides
To win brings more confidence and pride
And even when you think you lost
It might be victory in disguise
Although, Indeed you might have lost 

It’s impossible for you to lose a living loved one
For the loss of a loved one lies in the grave
Just the way the dawn comes before the twilight
And dusk after the sun and all are intertwined

The tides were sleeping
The humpbacks were leaping
But those whales were not singing
The twilight was stabbing the dawn with the knife of confusion
The wapitis of the earth were not in motion
With their antlers in the direction of the Galilean
Mercury wanted to stop the silence
But that was against the law of the system
For the sun was quiet and watching
Since the mare of the moon was indifferent
The moon obeyed a decree by the lunar ray
The moon impeded the unclog of every light in array
It destroyed the barrier of dense darkness
It enhanced a boom of lovely brightness
Giving manifestation to a lovely moon rise
But the sun could not make it a full size

However, the colossal forces of the sun caused only a neap tide
The sun now wanted to talk under hesitation
An objection from a Jovian planet was an opposition
Four out of the nine had a meeting of deliberation
Jupiter stood up with the support of all others in the Jovian
For the only owners of tamed wapitis were Peruvians
Thus, causing the sun to halt from its ambition
Since Jupiter was the largest in the system
Not remembering that its authority exists only over the Galilean moons
And not over the mighty sun
With elegance the sun made its declaration, why?
For the future hunts every man back for his pride.

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