Tuesday, 28 March 2017


The security of her jewel will gobble you, then to him, you an insignificant
Twine of noddle in the belly of a yearlong famished African elephant.

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   Sea lions: 
                Ready to ragger you,and scornfully laugh
              at your avaricious quest,

                        Hilarious with jesting rotundity

                    Through their uniform of fat, 
                          raped around each as variation of size.

Great white shark:
                 As the ultimate security, notorious scallywag on the ocean floor

                 Jiggling both brains, as it amputates life from the body with the

                              Scalpels and lancets of her razor sharp deadly canine.

Jelly fishes
                With cute tentacles, mystic to eye deities,
          they are the greatest slayers ever,

                 The goddess of death alone worshipers,
                   clad in deadly traits, same as the sight of

        polar bears in Varanasi Or yet still, 
                  humpbacks wailing while

        Swimming their awesome melodies In
      the shallow streams of Ouagadougou     

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