Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Needed a daily fix
Just for normality
Now he is determined to quit
Wanting to stop this addiction
By seeming determination
He really wants to stop
Remembering his last intake
Wanting it to be the last
Lack of these chemicals in his brain
Made him crave with pain
Couldn’t get his daily fix
Wanting his normal mix
He is going through the agony of withdrawal
But after a little while
Again is another obstacle 
Wanting a quick solution
His logical mind said “dope not”
His body said “dope up”
He couldn’t help this determination anymore
Soon enough, he got some hemp leafs
Mulled them together, and made them smoke worthy
Dope up!!!
Now on top of the world
All his castles in the air
Addicted to all imaginary
Great feelings
Every human like an insect
Because he is back to his addiction
Still in his determination to quit
But every attempt scrolled out futility
Until that word acted on him
The word we said was always alive

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