Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Hi,a little while ago,I stumbled across your page rhyme
I love honest emotions, that's why I seem to be on the rampage
Reasonable emotions that won't jump into "love in a cottage"
I think you are good ,your poems sounded like that of a sage
I might be wrong but I feel you are young with little age
A feeling that was initiated by your profile image
I know you have a talent and you might come from a lyrical lineage
Or yet still, maybe you are a descent from a poetic linage
Please share your poems with me on your timeline, don't keep them in your cage
Cause I love to meet people whose poem thrive
Although for a while my effort had been like going after a crock of gold just to arrive
I love People that don't shout that they are good,cause their poems are alive
With ease there poetry survive
I mean ease with no pain or strive
Deep thinker with lots of lines in their hive
With lots of pieces in their archive
In their poetic oceans,there emotions had to dive
heartfelt Emotions ,without any jive
From there lines simple scented pleasure they derive
With poetry as just their hobby and not their life
And With you as a poetic young "tyke" I wanna hike
I have a good mutual friend with you($ome call him adeluv and others MRA),
 a friend whose poem I really like
He writes morally sweet poems,that doesn't sound like that of a dike
He knows am just being honest and I am not trying to psyche
So,I think I found you and for your lines and poems I subscribe
Hello!!! these lines are playful ones, this ain't a challenge, a toast or a bribe
Good job you are doing ,I wanna learn from you,
continue to drop your poems on FB please, and don't kill the vibe!!!

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