Wednesday, 8 March 2017


The mother hyena was an alpha
The silver-back has a similar rank
The Amazon in the country of forests
The Serengeti amidst plains
The Himalayas and its edge over mountains
King Fahd unique and above other fountains
And each being analogous to human captains

They are all sincere leaders
Sitting on nylon chambers
And behind them were volatile gases
Like deadly lions feeding on grasses
Waiting for the drastic moment to usurp
Standing as loving devils called hypocrites
Pretending as well wishers
And singing the chorus "FAIL WE PRAY"
Gases that talks like Golden angels
With minds as dark as septic turnels
And hearts feeding on sewage
Pretty looking aggressors with minds of garbage
Agonizing in the dark
Targeting the next to fall in our race
Searching for fellows to slap on the face
Unreasonable like a one-sided referee
This always remained unsung
As evil melodies to there souls
But yet i must still show them love
Bringing "fiery coals" upon their foreheads
I am sure being principled is not a sin
Felt the creator wanted more players
Use to think all judgments here was divine
I thought all the referees here were just
And that Justice is a must
He told me "the truth will later be revealed"
Although now it is concealed

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