Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Not enough! Craving,
Crying and destroying my precious toys,
Wanted to be an ocean,
A great white shark as a sweet dot in my bile,
Swallow a blue whale,
Have ocean tides as shining waves on my hair,
Glittering like a disk of old ,
Have an intricate coral reef in my pocket,
Show it to ranting enemies in school,
Making them jealous to their envious nails.

Chased after a crock of gold,

When I eyed my TEACHER,
As my wife, at age seven,
Live in my home and teach me in school,
Damn! She became aware,
An anguish of purple wild dismay,
Painted on my school uniform,
Wanted to take her out
, thorns and thistles as my fruity lunch,
Rancid bread, my dinner – stale and ugly
Woke up, thinking gingerly in school.
Wanted to ride on a large male hippo,
So athletic, it flies in the air,
Take me to mercury,
Wanted to swim with it,
In a river of molten volcanic magma,
Swim inside mercury’s wall,
While it wallows in the solid lava.
Fervid affection, a fiery boat,
Matches ignition, eye fun – so stupid of me
Bitten by a tinny green snake,
Searching for my Biro cover, quiet! See!
My moon riding on a hot water tide,
Melted into pleasant tidings,
Vomited a lovely lit on the ocean floor – MYSELF

Wanted to flow in a rocky passage,
Giving life, thirst, happiness and woe,
Want to be wild,
Forage on wapitis like a wild carnivorous American bison,
Grizzly bear, Leviathan, maned lion, golden eagle.
Swift like a chameleon’s tongue,
With the speed of Chinese snail Angustopila dominikae,
Resourceful, hunt down alien invaders,
Now, I can’t imagine a grown up me,
Crying and fantasizing about flying hippos,
Afraid to glance at the mirror, - now older and wiser
Face, much weirder and rootless
Than honest hearted blue-black vampires.

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