Wednesday, 8 March 2017

SPURIOUS LOVE - word play

Wild hot sit
Fear was not a little bit
Fast heart beat
Couldn’t help, but feeling so git
Got a Sudden shocking hit
And fell into a deep pit
In it was a stegosaur’s feet
Wanted to eat the meat
I only had milk teeth
But needed a ravenous wolf’s teeth

I was pulled out of the pit
Outside was vehemently hot heat
And wanted a cool seat
Found a binocular, to search for a ghost’s meat
Found only one, just one ghost
To serve as a welcoming host
Wanted to achieve a great feat
In an opaque woodland street
Wanted no pain or trouble
In search for just one and not a double
Wanting no identical
Wanted only one, no suitable replica
Fearing the mystical
Tensed in a jungle, not in Africa
In the Amazon, in South America

Suddenly, there was a black out
No search no more
No love no lost
No heart no beat
No love found
In a motion
Called infatuation
It disappeared into the oblivion
Blank love
Collapsed heart
Love gone
Rambled away
If it was love, it should learn to stay
If it was gone, it wasn’t love
And it was not from above

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