Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Defiling every canon
Thrusting every organ
He use to insensate

Feeding on coal fires
As a departure from sorrow
Pausing his pain till tomorrow

But for today
All mountains now like a Capet
Every sky scrapper like a hurt
Every large timber like a little pipette
All in his spurious imagination
In pleasant Hallucination
Unrealistic sweet sensation
A mind in deviation from reality
In artificial sincerity

Truly, he is trying to escape
From the blade of a knife
But, by shooting a bullet to his own forehead
Trying to be free from a cage
By binding himself with a chain
Inductively, trying to jump over tall obstacles
By swallowing a razor sharp knife
Daftly singing the chorus
Long knifes should make us longer
Stabbing his soft intestines
Making them like noodles in a parching pool of blood
Blood stains on the walls of his stomach
Making him sign in distress

Really counterproductive
Sorrow devolved to no one
Either now or latter
He would be back to his sorrow
I feel so sorry for him
Addicted to this for years
Indebted to his own love
His pain in my tears
His agony in my heart

This scene is far from being a comedy
He really wanted to come up with a remedy
All to avert a coming tragedy
He was suffering from a malady
Trying to annul the effect the tragedy

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