Friday, 24 March 2017


Your achievement:
“With his grey hair you spun
 him into a baby
Swimmeret after you drown his 
smile in his never seen
River that was dry to the eyeballs 
of the choppy oceans”


Your ruddy stone eye glued to the puffiness of your 
mislaid conscience,
You drank concentrated philtre that drunk
  you with the love for hatred, the one
your bumpy circle  learned to gulp,
Such that everyone could then dwell
In the circle of the raging sun that grew
 into space from your pocket.
-          The whole world

Now you are emitting gamma happiness “abi”?
You forgot that grandpa said:
 “adiye irena o kin se eran ajegbe” ( you can’t eat diabolic chickens and grow fat)
Bittersweet mixed feelings skulking 
into the serum of your marrow,
The tall woes you brought were
 those black skies in an elongated human body,
You emitted red ardor while you
 wore a black hood, back for front,
And bounced away like teenage boys
 learning to sway girls with mere stance.
You originated the first major horror
As a smart means to end soothe your anguish

The whole of humanity joined Grandpa
 and said I should ask this:
                           Hope you enjoyed the way 

you fell lately into Hades, after they
Made your whole body into a hotchpotch of
 punctured organs and tendons
                          Connected with strings, 
and that ruddy eye at abdomen level?
Grandpa never knew that you died 
way long before he did.
You committed the greatest regicide in history.

Your offense:
You ignited the First World War by
  killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife,
When you pulled your trigger twice the number of times

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