Tuesday, 21 March 2017


It struck my mind; that several things happened,
That the sun’s second eye, that was blinded never really perceived,
During the years when several eyes was at toe level,
And the eye of celestial bodies, confined to the chord of their circles,
When only a chug was known, well known,
To those prayer plants,
 – Offspring of explosive mechanisms, Not even to humans,
When the bomb’s boom was only known to the otherworldly ,
Asteroids, and alien to colloquies of wildlife
 In our Serengeti, Yellow stone N P, Safari,
Orleans, Barbados, Mongono, Maiduguri,
And all the places I visited with my father’s eye.

Along with my uncle’s chauffeur, we sat on the architrave to discuss
And suddenly we began to eavesdrop the silent soliloquy of darkness
 on a night Blinded by the gradual death of moonlit.
Hmm, The pale yelling of corporeal souls are now beginning
 To tend to tawdry melodies.

Barberry shrubs intimidating humming birds with their frown of childish fire and
Their familiarity with blessed thistle.
Sessile whale smiling in water to the vexation of orcas.
      Barking dogwoods in the forest under-story, with speakers of songbirds,
      Bouncily singing the delivery of stolons.
       Sad mother goose dabbling for fleshy elation,
       After loss of children to Hawks, there pepperish prayer of fire for eyries.
      Tawny owls peeping through window panes - malign though.
      This was my modified chef d’ oeuvre, as a child.
      2nd concern
      The scuba divers of literary and poetic oceans:
      Chinua Achebe, Kayper Mensah, Wole Soyinka,
      leopold sedar , Chimamanda Adichie, Mariama Ba,
Pen making agama moves on books,
And  Camara Laye that made a father for
Me with “the African child”.

1st concern
    Some with whale jowls, some red prefectures,
    Dancing in coloured papers, while resting the whole of a famished
     Nation on a rusting baluster.

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  1. love this "resting the whole of a famished nation on a rusting baluster", that's exactly what leaders are doing in nigeriA