Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Worn off romance was the
Psychology of self-deception.
Slept and dreamt about her
In the dream, we rode a roller coaster
The first day you saw her
She locked eye with you
You almost went to coma
Just with her cerulean eye
You were totally in love
The most gorgeous you’ve ever seen
She walked away from you
You watched her stepping
Watching with keen interest
Until her rare view became invisible
You desperately want to get her as yours 
But to you she was so invincible

Woke up, had my first event
The event was think about her
Brain flooded with love hormones
Brain saturated with adrenaline
A bizarre chemical process
Akin to being on drug
Seeing her in a more flattering light
Not an outright lie
Making my mind a Compulsive liar
An exaggerated view of reality

Wanting the feelings to coincide with hers
Emotional dalliances in my brain
Even when in reality she has an average look
In your imagination,
She’s a blond bombshell
at the same time, the most sensational brunette
Sitting quietly with a glass that glints liquid love
In your dreams, she always the lady with that elegant auburn hair
Cat walking like a celebrated model
From the coral reefs of an anonymous ocean
Holding her hands was a man
No other than you
She looked into your eye
With you she had a unique feeling
Like you are the greatest master of all women
Choosing her over all others
 This gave a feeling of ecstasy
With a warm glow
A feeling of internal unimaginable sweetness
She is slim with a curvy figure
You call that a petite
Fully with her youthful vigor
Still with all her appetite
Things happening naturally
You cannot just exude these emotions

You had strong believe
A believe that you can get her
Into your unique world
This became a self-fulfilling prophecy
An actualization to your imagination
She wanted some things
But you can’t just afford to bust her stones
Although, Poisonous to your success with her
You displayed your best aura
She found you so innocuous
You said some witty stupid things
She laughed at you
She made a picture pose
You said she was like your ancestress
Scornfully laughing at her
She’s impressed by your seeming lack of desperation  
Deliberately you made some dry dumb sounding statements
But she kept laughing
This added to the fun vibe
Because  she is sure you are not stupid

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