Wednesday, 8 March 2017


In the Planet of bizarre features
It was a world of unknown resemblance
Only the creatures weren’t concerned about acceptance
Sleeping in understanding was virtually impossible
Nothing seem to be indelible
Invisible was the mysterious
Frugal was the notorious
The meadows of Africa became kind and cruel
Creatures emerged from the crest
The quest for survival was just the best
I slept again and saw the Serengeti
My waking up was another episode of crying
Oh rare pattern so distinct!
Seeing this unique pattern going extinct
Rolling with tears
Due to further desertification of the Kalahari
None went unnoticed by our creator
Then I sorrowfully smiled and left southern Africa
To the plains and rain forests of West Africa
Then, it was bright light in dense darkness
Heard the sounds of monstrous creatures
The clouds are now on the jungles
Sudden darkness covered the trees
However, light was visible to some
The meadows of Africa was covered with caution
For a coward, it’s all about fear
Virtually all hoofed beast stood still
Even though their horns were as strong as steel
But yet, they waited in fearful uncertainty
All this was in morbid expectation of the silent one
Emerging from the trees was the sported leopard
Standing like a reserved Shepherd
Never acting like the Serengeti’s drunkard
One of the wisest creatures on the plains of Africa
The American jaguar was made a perfect replica
Its distinct spot was unique
Much more pretty than the best from any boutique
Second to none in the world of stealth
Careful and always concerned about its health
I call this creature the night stalker
Taking note of each single walker
Hmm, with reverence and awe the creator I fear
To him alone I have this fear so rare
Creating a feline that is rarely seen
For him alone has always been

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