Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The search for the human called “GOOD"

What sort of natural personality is good?
Is it to be naturally gentle?
Or to be naturally stubborn?
Gentle persons are often cheated
Stubborn persons are often too rigid
Gentle persons are often victims of injustice
But then, stubbornness gradually induce arrogance

How about being very strong-willed?
Or being permissive?
Being strong-willed annuls flexibility
Being permissive induces stupidity
Strong-willed persons are often self-opinionated
Permissiveness lures into badness
Slept calmly but yet with confusion
Awakened from my uneasy slumber
Heard a voice suggesting another option in my quest
Saying “it is good to be out spoken and expressive”
In contrast another voice shouted
“it is better to be self-effacing and reserved ”
Again, i evaluated there demerit
Had a revealing dream
But then, I remembered a sage
“Don’t pay attention to any dream!” he said
Slept, woke up but yet worried
Still in my quest for knowing the person called “GOOD”
I kept on beholding
But not in the vision of the night
An answer to my quest was my plight
I tried to find an answer
As a summary of all I did
I reasoned logically
I sat down in quiet places to think
I asked the experienced
I latter came to realize
Each person has his own definition of the person called “GOOD”
I then exclaimed
Wept, screened with the strength of my youth
Because I omitted the holy writings
No natural personality is the best
It is function of learning
Learning to acquire the good traits in others
Trying to live in accord with the holy writings
This says “for the inclination of man is bad from his youth”
Our creator said “there is no man righteous in the earth that keeps doing good and does not sin”

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