Monday, 20 March 2017


After a suicide bombing attack, victims were brought to a hospital in Maiduguri & Mongono Cuncurently ,
Borno state, September 20th, 2015.

Nurses run back and forth.
In desperation or in mere obedience to doc's ordering calls.
With trays carrying iodine, aspirin, or insulin shots
Stumbling over friends of dying victims in sordid embrace.
Brushing off hands, hands of bitter spectators.
Watching life's game of man vs injuries.
With life, the reward of doc's skill or faith in God,
And death, the cost of error or call of nature.

Nurses run back and forth.
Like the eyes that followed them. Eyes, pale and frail
Like the faces that wear them.
Faces burnt by fear into a formless lump of grief.
Tongue bitter from drug permeated saliva secretion.
Limbs hanging loose but for the flimsy hold of tired tendons.
Smell of drugs rudely infiltrating dehydrated nostrils.
Nose ones pure like neatly built upholstery.
Scooping in life's purity in healthy overdose.
Mouth drooling phlegm, slime, blood...
Just one more lover for this repelling face.
Lustfully kissing him in a silk of pleasure - the kiss of death!
One more face to get a bonus of wool for nostrils and ears today.
Tomorrow... The next...

Nurses run back and forth.
Like bears bereaved of their cubs.
She runs, only to wonder why she runs. To pack up corpse?
Her white vest defying what she calls her job. As she moves through
Long passages of many doors of doctors, matrons, accountants,
Pharmacists, theatres, chemotherapists ... mortuary. They all
Seem to end there, or be discharged, free, only to end there.
She pauses to think as she slowly come
To grasp the truth.

NURSES RUN  back and forth. Only to realize the
Clause itself runs back to front. When read from back to front.
But she runs as she keeps undimmed, her love to satisfy nearer needs,
For the wider joy of all.

 Nurses run back and forth. They all run. Some, in unfeeling,
Exaggerated steps to doc's ordering calls. Others, in warm
 Response to their heart's gentle; dutiful call. Hearts who
 Through use, have learned the thrill of giving,
Which is the joy of living.

by Awogbemila Tobiloba 

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