Monday, 20 March 2017

SERENDIPITY ( ignition of Success by chance )

Drank the milfoils, holly tree, slippery elms and marshmallows rough back 
That drank pressured water or spirit bath overnight,
Before impulsive swallow,
Prayer and a fast for seconds, but lengthy from my mum’s fixed gaze
Like the single eyed sun in October Kalahari.
Some men shouting, Tuuwaa! Tuuwaa!  Tuuwaa! In slightly tall grasses
Grown up men I tell you,
Almost sweating black blood and shouting out their pancreas,      
Their ballyhoo diffusing echoes of baloney.        
Some of them wearing clothes for wooden poles,
Ironed, although torn.  
Their boys vehemently hitting some grassy cliffs with poles. 

In different places two gym of pyre for muscles of fire,
The pyres was a gym with stiff sleeping bodies – in permanent slumber,
Count the head for one and same for another,
With a ruler and spring balance - measure the size and altitude of their pocket:
For one obsessed and tall, and another struggling & thin, hopeless pocket
And ones spout bleedings when triggered with rotation while
 The other’s own as dry as an eye opened desert that never sleeps at nights .
And one with a soupy body, flowing from willy rains to streams, to brooks,
Creating chasms and making the scenery of the sea – all countries,
And another, life slaying the elation of his whimsical thoughts
Even on his permanent dot. Every old person had a story of how they
Nearly fell into Hades and others told the same story as raging wraiths.
By chance or help from supernatural.

Even those whose heart was ruddled with the five precepts, the five pillars, or the Ten Commandments might not achieve it.
Adegbugumire’s unstintingly indebted to every in the ordo, but might not
Be the first of all and the usual rasophore might get there first, even the
Holy teetotaler might. I drank those herbs with Banyo,
He died but I survived. Not until we realized that those grown
 Men were rice farmers scarring invasive birds, baneful birds trying to
 Abort the pregnancy of rice plantations, – The cause of black debacle and
The clothed poles to scare antelopes and antlered souls.
And we would have dealt with them according to our perception of them
When I could only guess all the if that was not if and see if was if,
And all successful gentlefolks might be introverts if they grew up in a woodland,
All these probabilities inscribed the serendipity on the spirit of life.

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