Wednesday, 8 March 2017

OBS 2 , (dedicated to the NYSC OBS group at Asaya camp, Kogi state, Nigeria)

Eyes on this day were choirs,
Strumming through cellos made of men and girls
and the hermaphrodite
you never knew i know,
The only falsetto singing itself in the eye of some is a chorus
of “ we are skilled dumbos”, they all got evicted actually
Chioma was an adult moppet with the face of a captured studio,
 Moratorium on every play-let and news made it to fire,
Fire walking out from the PRO’s buccal cavity
This was a film made for weeks, and the reward was a PPA in a venue
Where a lady river sent by fouta-djallon highland got married.


Rosemary: the boss girl whose attitude 
                  got my eye a snowdrift of assembled likeness.
Marriam: a friendly girl with a face like love
                in pacific waters.
Yinka: the most lovable girl that busted Tobi’s skull
           like a bloated balloon exiled in fire. Mutual though. 
Vivian: a girl whose attitude throbbed 
           a rhythm of the pacific tides- calm

Ebi: the boss boy with the face of a begging feline, stern and playful
Philip: a tall-steeple man with a face like sins confessed 
           before occurrence. Diplomatic and religious.
Tobi: the one with a face crafted in special innocence,
         like a Culver really.   
Samuel: someone said he is like a serviette for the girls.
              Hardworking with technical abilities   
Temitope: the boy whose eye sang a rubicund rhythm. 
                Kind and cruel

Photo men
Obaro: the boss photographer whose smile had a fire accident, 
             but smiled with the sight of creatures on skirt.
Fridel: like a gangster, humble, with a look like
            rick Ross in use of a church pulpit.

Muna: the boy that wears two more eyes, 
           clad with Lola’s shadow.

Adeola: a boy like voices beckoning from within
              a weir playing through a radio in distinct accord.
  Victor: with a voice wearing nice, sharp edges 
          as a thunder storm in lost voice  
Mary: the lady with a voice like a female snitching 
           on the billows.
 Princess: an educationist like someone that gleaned
              directly from Aristotle
Zika: a girl whose voice was in synchrony with
            a thrush's own – she has a radio’s voice actually. 

NEXT:  OBS 1  would have the names of the special ones not here

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