Saturday, 6 May 2017


In 1976 her Blazing Geography and Geology
Scorched the shoulder of her plains and redrafted
The map of her mother as she existed earlier than
 Her birth.  And the mothers of her daughters were
Busy frying a story for their children and the generations
Unearthed from the sky’s wall to swig.

Her mother
She is eye of a continent that unearthed 
Black people from the sky’s floor
Eye made of pupil alone,   
Eyes made of brooks, exiles, homes,
 And shouldered by plains and mangroves,
Eyes made of sylvan and urban,
Eyes made of the harm of God or the charms of gods
Eyes made of tales and chronicles of the wind

Here is where Mother Nature held the eye
 Of the sky and dipped it into a landscape,
Where the voice of the arctic quivered slowly and grew dumb,
Where the harms of the glaciers shudder.

This is the state that is festooned with a
Song that slays even the neck of a dirge unsung,
 And beheads the un-serenity of an horrific geography.

She held her gaze to the radiance of her own glee,
She‘s a kind of Iraq that edits the woes wore by war away from her ways.
She’s the voice of an oboe that sings the peace of a river
Editing the woes of flood away from her annals.
 She doesn’t mooch around a spot  
She’s busy illuminating her niche - Nigeria  
This is Ondo state, the sunshine state.

   Temitope Awogbemila is a Nigerian poet, who writes poetry and short stories, he loves the poetic artistry of Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Gbenga Adesina and  Kyper mensah. He is also a mathematical statistician, a deep thinker and a theocratic public speaker; he is crazy about his love for animals, good emotions, the voice of the sky, the taste of palm kennel, History, Serengeti, Safari, Yellowstone, families, friends, future paradise, the complex meaning of a typical poem, and mountains sitting like rebellious oceans, making themselves invincible to our world itself.