Friday, 28 April 2017


Blind oxen in red chaos, lived but yet never living,
Fearless old woman living alone became a ghost,
Died of a sudden buzz by an ancient wall clock,
Wicked kingdoms ended by killer subordinates,
Made frail mice burrow into human intestines,
Heat driven they were, bitter taste the bile gave.

Moored with no forensic proof,
Wicked criminals back into modern day Asheville,
Innocent convict on chains,
Better feeling had they done evil,
Walking on the grass side of every day road.
Found a million dollar bag,
Hallucinating to kill boredom.

Killer whales stranded in coastlines,
Seals rode on them as edible horses.
Heavy snow fall in the Serengeti,
African lions ate them with their mane.
No fear, no surprise, no worries

The wild mammalian world came begging,
Mentally deranged rangers pulled triggers,
Killed the last surviving hermaphrodite rhinoceros,
Enchanted sorcerer cast spell over moving bullets,
Brain scattered like seeds with explosive mechanism.

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